Port Apapa & Tincan Island

Africa Port Services Ltd. can offer services in all Nigerian ports. Whether it’s vessel agency, customs clearance, inland haulage or temporary importation, our team is ready to provide you with proactive and efficient service all across the coast.

The below links will provide you with basic port information for the country’s five major ports. If you require information for other ports, please contact us anytime for further details.

General weather conditions:
The rainy season starts in March and lasts until end of October, with two peak rainy periods in June and end of September. In August there usually is a spell of dry weather of 3 to 4 weeks.

The dry season begins in late October and lasts till early March. During the very hot and dry period between early December and late February north-easterly “Harmattan” winds blow dust from the Sahara to the Gulf of Guinea. Large amounts of dust in the air cause heavy fog like conditions with attendant delays in vessel movements and a large number of flight cancellations.

Lat ° 26′ N  |  Long 3° 25′ E
Water density: 0.0998-1.015 (rainy season), 1.005-1.025 (dry season)
Bottom conditions: soft mud
Admiralty chart 2812/1861

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